Registration, Accommodation & Abstracts

Registration Fee

The registration fee covers accommodation in a double room (two nights), buffet meals (2× breakfast, 3× lunch, 2× dinner), refreshment during coffee breaks (4×), the Book of Abstracts and Conference materials. The registration fee can be paid online by card or by bank transfer.

Fee    Early
   paid before 18 October 2020   
   paid after 18 October 2020   
6 200 CZK
6 700 CZK
8 100 CZK
8 600 CZK
All fees include VAT

On-line Registration

The participants can register by using the on-line Registration Form. They can select the preferred form of the presentation, with whom they want to share the double room accommodation, to conduct the on-line payment by card and submit an abstract.


The abstracts will be published in the Book of Abstracts. The individual contributions in the extent of one A4 page formatted according to a template will be placed without further editing. The authors are responsible for the factual as well as formal correctness of the abstract. The abstracts as “doc” files are accepted on-line, when indicated in the registration form by selecting “add abstract”.

Download an abstract template  

Cancellation Policy

The registration is possible to cancel before 20 October 2020. After this date, the registration fee is non-refundable. Only the change of the name of the participant will be accepted. The Conference Secretariat should be informed by a letter or by e-mail or fax about the cancellation of the reservation or about the change of the name.